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The elevation of a home can be pivotal in reducing damage from future flooding, if you live within a flood zone, you may be required to lift your home to meet your local flood elevation regulations. We are experts in slab separations sub-floor construction. Raising your home can reduce flood insurance costs and increase your property's value. 

Many of our clients have doubled their living space by elevating their homes and extending their foundations. 



We have the tools and knowledge to safely repair or replace a sinking or collapsing foundation. SRC has performed foundation repair services in our area for over 40 years. We are confident in our ability to remove existing pilings, braces, hurricane straps and adding new concrete foundations. Our crew makes replacing your foundation is easy and affordable.


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As a homeowner, realizing that you need house leveling and repair can be unsettling. Having your foundation issues resolved is paramount and can save the value of your home. Foundation failure can cause significant interior and exterior damage such as cracked walls, sticking doors, or gaps between your floors and ceiling. If your home appears to be sinking or shifting, give us a call. 


We treat each project as a Turn-Key operation, whether residential or commercial. Our team can confidently install stairs and handle electrical and plumbing needs as they arise.

With care, we can  construct decks, railings, or landings to suit your needs and take pride in leaving our job sites clean and tidy.

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