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We are a family owned company with over 40 years of experience in home elevation, lifting, and foundation repair, and recently recognized as one of the best contractors in Ascension Parish, check out our award

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Our Vision


We believe in helping our community and welcome the challenges brought with each project we complete. We work with an engineering firm to develop a plan to insure your structure meets all codes and regulations. We take pride in securing homes against future storms and coastal erosion. A lifted house is a safe house. See our article in Ascension Magazine. 


Our Company Profile

Since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, SRC has handled projects along the Gulf Coast, primarily in the Grand Isle region elevating and leveling homes, mobile homes, and camps. We have also helped many in Ascension and Livingston Parish after torrential rains flooded thousands of homes in 2016. We share a passion for implementing unique solutions that continue to set the standards within this specialized field. SRC works with grant programs, inspectors, and building departments to help homeowners see their project to completion with ease.

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